Tax Day and Tea Parties

A quick little post to congratulate the Tea Parties being held across the nation to protest the out of control spending and corruption of the U.S. government and it’s policies. I also got a laugh out of the pathetic attempt by elements of the administration and associated propaganda agencies to try and quell free expression and legitimate protest in this nation by “leaking” a paper attempting to equate those who champion immigration control, small government, et. al. as potential right wing “terrorists”. Curious (not really) how the MSM ignored the report on what was defined as left wing “terrorists” deciding to focus on conservative issues. All should be concerned with ther very statist dictatorial agenda these papers try to invoke in the name of protecting the United States and it’s citizenry.

About the only negative thing I have to say involves the bias of the newmedia, particularly CNN, in trying to turn the Tea Parties into a racist issue as a CNN reporter tried to do in Chicago and a conspiracy by the evil and conniving Fox News. Pathetic really. CNN and their ilk should be ashamed of that reporter and realize it is their disingenuous reports trying to manipulate the people that have led to the formation of the Tea Parties in the first place. Stop trying to manipulate the public with lies and propagandist drivel and perhaps they’ll begin to listen to MSM once more. Probably not.


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