Earth Day

OK, I’ll be a sheeple and post something on Earth Day.

So another Earth Day has come around again. I don’t know too many people that are actually doing anything this year as far as going to any events or what not. Instead most seem intent on little things: planting a tree, starting a garden,and so on. I’m personally doing nothing since I don’t believe in single day environmentalism (e.g. turning off lights for an hour) but lifetime solutions that balance quality of life, the environment, and business based on responsible and scientific evidence and not fear mongering as some greens have done. (I applaud those who follow the former rather than the latter when deciding what to do for the environment.)

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, you’ve got all the companies claiming their products are green. Sadly, most are not truly environmentally friendly or disingenuous in their claims, like a certain power company (who I won’t name) urging everyone to go solar powered through their service. Problem is their solar power system does not come close to powering any number significant of homes and businesses in Arizona. But then I personally think all homes and businesses in Arizona should have photovoltaic panels installed.

Anyway, happy Earth Day to those partaking in events or just doing things around the house.


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