News Commentary

Specter leaving GOP for Democrats

I’m not surprised Specter leaving the GOP since he is correct that it radical fringers who’ve hijacked the party away from moderate Republicans, especially during primaries, to push extremist religiously inspired social dogma. Besides, I have little respect for Specter anyway as he is just another one of the opportunistic corrupt politicians that are ruining this country, more concerned with his re-election than doing what is right for all of the United States. I’d have greater respect for his decision if he’d simply gone independent or changed at a time other than the impending election season. But then again he isn’t my Senator so who cares, right? I doubt his switch will change much in the out of control Congress.

I myself am looking for a different party. Currently the Libertarians are leading my interest, but they’re still tied to too many fringe or outdated practices to ever make them a truly viable option. I’ll probably just register as independent since there is no way on hell I’ll join the neo-socialist left-looneys running the Democrat Party right now.

Swine Flu

Couple of annoying points I’d like to comment on:

The newsmedia needs to cease their fear mongering and scare tactics. They’re making something out of nothing, intentionally instilling fear into the population. Many reporters now seem to realize how idiotic they’ve been behaving on air, but there are still a lot of reporters acting hysterical over something that could be easily presented in a calm, reassuring, and reasonable manner. I’m getting annoyed at so many friends e-mailing me acting like Arizona has become a plague state when in fact there has yet to be even one case of Swine Flu as of today compared to the surprisingly large numbers in, of all places, New York. I appreciate their concern but people seriously need to stop listening to know-nothings in the newsmedia. Take normal precautions and practice basic hygeine and people should be fine just like any other flu. The MSM also needs to stop using the Swine Flu to ignore continuing government corruption that the public has a right to know.

All political factions also need to stop using the Swine Flu as an eceuse to push all their crazy agendas, ranging from the extreme lefty “give up U.S. sovereignty to the U.N.” or “blanket amnesty for illegals” crowd to the racism inspired “shut the border down entirely” groups, not to mention the inane bickering and bullshit in Congress over supposed obstruction to appointees being a part of the problem.


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