This Month’s Propaganda Event

So I see tonight we had a continuation of the propaganda televised address by the media whore we call President. I passed on it given he didn’t to say anything new and tried to spin every choreographed question to get people, especially in the MSM, to blindly follow his lead. The President and Congress’s complete and utter failure in dealing with the economy and associated financial and housing crises leave me only brimming with contempt for our entire government and its pervasive ignorance and amazing level of arrogance.

While I didn’ty watch the propaganda media event I do keep track of what he’s said:

  • The President asserts waterboarding is torture. It is. Only lubnatic fringers think it was not. Quit blathering about it while doing nothing and move on. on’t bother trying to prosecute any one over it because then you’d have key members of Congress from both parties going to jail alongside those people certain Dems have targeted in their little revenge inspired witch hunts.
  • More empty promises to deal with the economy. I actually laughed while reading his BS claims on “saving” jobs, tax cuts, and refinancing mortgages.
  • More promises to deal with swine flu. Too bad it has nothing to do with him.
  • Feeling optomistic about Chrysler. Sure, since it’s in effect under the government’s thumb. Ford was the only smart one of the Big Three and deservedly so.
  • The faux derision over the 100 days mark a media creation. Hate to break it to him, but so is his Presidency and popularity. The media doesn’t like you, you’re popularity is dead.

President Obama has done a few things I agree with: supporting stem cell research, supporting gay marriage, and such. But this doesn’t negate the bad: supporting the flawed Patriot Act, numerous tax cheats and corrupt officials nominated or actually now in high level positions, supporting the overwhelming insanity that is rampant government spending and record levels of deficits that the President can not claim (no matter how hard he tries) is not of his making. The President needs to remember that we all know he was a Senator until his election as President. That makes him a part of the problem when he acts as if it’s everyone elses fault without including his own culpability.


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