Cinco de Mayo

First off, Cinco de Mayo!

For those unaware, Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory over France at the Battle of Puebla. It’s kind of ironic that so many outside of Mexico celebrate the holiday even if some only do so as homage to Hispanic culture when the holiday is more a regional event in Mexico proper.

I’m disturbed by the nominee for Legal Adviser to State appears to be advocating registering gun owners in this country as well as favoring global efforts to repress gun rights. A guy advocating usurping the U.S. Constitution and sovereignty through treaties is hardly one you want giving legal advice to our nation’s international face. He sounds more akin to the idiot lawyers in the Bush administration that essentially said things like water boarding were not torture. Look how well that turned out. /sarcasm

So Justice David Souter is stepping down soon from the Supreme Court. Some lefties are having kittens. I could care less about who Obama picks so long as they have a thorough knowledge, understanding, and unbiased view of the Constitution and have no propensity or agenda for trying to destroy the parts of the Constitution they don’t feel are “relevant” any more. Would it be nice for a woman or another minority to become the replacement Justice? Sure, so long as they get it on merit, experience and qualifications, not political leanings or some form of gender or racial parity or equity to make up for historical injustices.

The Arizona Legislature is still wrangling (in their usual BS partisan way) over the budget. Everything needs to be pared back but even I think the Republican dominated Leg is suspiciously partisan in what areas of government are getting cuts. But then the Democratic Party has done the same thing in the past. Neither party has the best interests of Arizona at heart, only their respective National Party bosses’ corrupt agendas.

The Associated Press: NRA convention venue seeks OK for alcohol, weapons An interesting conundrum but obviously necessary to keep the  Convention Center in line with the laws of Arizona. Hopefully the Department of Liquor Licenses and Control will allow a waiver for the event so as to avoid any legal issues or future challenges.

High court’s ID-theft ruling is unlikely to affect Arizona Not surprising since the lawyers and legal expert who drafted Arizona’s law tried to eliminate any and all loopholes for illegals and other criminals to exploit when it comes to identity theft. There are going to be some left winger, illegal supporters out there that will challenge the lawn of course. I do have to wonder how much better off illegal aliens would be in this country if their “advocates” spent more time getting immigration laws changed to allow more immigrants to come here rather than wasting time and effort in covering for the crimes the illegals actually commit.

Obama’s Border Czar Alan Bersin is Taking on Drug Gangs and Illegal Immigrants – US News and World Report So the administration brings back a guy who completely and utterly failed in his previous round og “border czar”. How many people will die this time because of the guy’s ignorance? He’s already bought into the Obama administration’s inane notion that all the border problems are America’s fault.

Chris Simcox wants to dethrone McCain – David Catanese – I think this one covers all the reasons why I doubt Simcox will be much of a challenge to Sen. McCain. Too narrow on his issues. National politics, like those of a Senator, require a broader, national view and perspective while maintaining the focus to do what is needed for not just your state but your nation as well on a multitude of issues. That requires compromise, negotiation, and patience.

The radical right can hate McCain all they want but they don’t control the Arizona GOP voting public. Or the voters in general for that matter. The right wing radicals of the AZ GOP are jus that- radicals. They’ve sold out to either the religious statists or corporate hegemonies and have no interest in representing Arizonans. They’re just lapdogs to their chosen masters intent on imposing their “vision” of America on the populace whether the populace likes it or not.

What people really need to remember is neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have the American people’s best interest at heart anymore. Perhaps they never did. What has become clear over the past two decades (if not longer) is both are out to pillage the country as they play their political games, dividing and duping the public while they pillage the nation’s financial institutes and industries leaving a swath of destruction behind them in the form of unemployment, homelessness, outrageous healthcare costs, slashed wages, rising food prices, and outmoded and overburdened tax systems. In the past, the parties were able to hide their motives. Not so now, as we see the supposed party of the poor and downtrodden (the Dems) pillaging the poor and middle class, the unions, et. al. at the behest of their wealthy benefactors and the party of the rich (the GOP) pretend to be the champions of the middle class yet happily pillage alongside their political opponents.


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