Eminent Domain Abuse

I am all for a Flight 93 Memorial but I am completely against the abuse of eminent domain for this project. I also am of the opinion the desired size of the memorial is somewhat questionable. There have been many historic events in this nation and I can’t help but feel that in this instance it is being abused to steal a questionably large amount of land (2,200 acres), legal or not, away from owners to set up a memorial that could be more than adequate for a fraction of the size (say 5-15 acres).

Yes these people deserve their remembrance, but this project is now bordering on egotistical. It now seems to be more about the organizations and their control rather than the people on Flight 93 and their sacrifice. Save the grand over bloated monuments for something else and concentrate on a small, thoughtful memorial more becoming to the actions and efforts of those oft forgotten heroes of 9/11/2001. Something that the common American appreciate, not some grotesquery for the government elite to trot out whenever they think they need a good political photo op.


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