Obama at ASU Commencement

Tonight President Obama gives a commencement speech at Arizona State University (ASU). It’s an honor for the school and certainly will be memorable for the graduates attending the ceremony and those lucky few who’ve been selected for scholarship under the newly named Barack Obama Scholars program, worth up to $17,000 a year for freshmans. The only bad thing is for those who’ve decided to opt out of attending commencement because restrictions on the public would make attending unbearable due to seasonal heat and the notoriously uncomfortable seating of the stadium, particularly so for the elderly and very young.

There are some who are still whining about the faux controversy about the university not giving President Obama am honorary degree, ignoring a big fact the school has never given any President an honorary degree and he has yet to meet the schiil’s criteria for such an honorary degree. Obviously the President feels differently than his lefty whiners as he is going to be participating in the ceremony tonight. Personally, I hope the scholarship program will have a more lasting effect but only time will tell on that point.

So I hope everyone attending enjoys the ceremony, bears with the heat and uncomfortable seats, and partakes the President’s address (which will be annoyingly broadcast on several stations and webcasts in the Valley). Congratulations to the graduates, who are what the whole this whole ceremony is genuinely about.


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