Short commentary takes

OK, been a while since my last post so I’m catching up on some events and things I wanted to say.

  • Congrats to the Washington Huskies for winning the WCWS Softball championship. Go PAC-10!
  • Obama’s latest foreign tour. I don’t care so long as he doesn’t keep weakening US positions by apologizing and kowtowing to our enemies, especially the Islamic nations. The Islamic states want to be treated with respect and fairness, they need to reciprocate and stop oppressing the non-Muslims in their nations. Nothing Obama says will alter the thinking of those who hate America, they’ll simply look for any excuse.
  • GM filing for bankruptcy. All I can say was I saw this coming last year when the government was feeding the American public the bullshit about the auto companies being to big to fail and therefor needing a bailout. How is that change working for you all now?
  • Continued rising unemployment. Duh. Thank the morons in government and the greedy pigs running the nations financial institutes and corporations sending US jobs overseas.
  • California Supreme Court rules on Prop 8. Not unsurprising they wimped out on making the decision. I suspect it’ll go to the US Supreme Court and Prop 8 struck down under the precept of equal treatment under the law. People need to remember why the United States has a Constitution to guide our democracy: to prevent tyranny of both the majority and minority. Just because the majority vote for something, does not mean it holds with the ideals of equality in the eyes of the law and justice in this nation.
  • North Korea and it’s fear mongering. I hope people realize that it’s decades of appeasement that have put the world in the position of this rogue state developing nuclear weapons and likely more than willing to share them with other rogue states. Remember, the Korean War never ended. It was only an armistice in place. Perhaps this time around, the DPRK’s backers (China and Russia) will realize the error of their ways and stop supporting Kim Jong Il and his fellow military junta.
  • Osama bin Laden blathering like an idiot again. Nothing new there. Probably feeling the heat now that the Paks are smacking around his supporters that were destabilizing Pakistan.
  • RIP Koko Taylor, Queen of the Blues. I’ll dust off the sax and play some blues in your memory.
  • 20th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square. Wow, has it really been twenty years? It’s good the Chinese government be called to account for their actions, not that they’ve ever cared what the rest of the world thinks.

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