Iran Crackdown

I wish I could say I was surprised at the violent turn of events in Iran, but I am not. Sadly, it is like now that no one will ever know for certain who won the elections. Personally, given the government hardliners attempted crack down, I now believe that the election was rigged to ensure the Ayatollah’s beloved puppet Ahmadinejad won whereas before I was merely suspicious.

I guess now it’s just time to sit back and watch what happens, as there is little anyone can do outside of Iran. After all, I’m not Iranian, but I can sit back and cheer on one side. I take heart that so far the Iranian people don’t seem to be buying into government line and are continuing to, at the very least, demand some transparency and, at most, refusing to accept the alleged results. My best wishes to the protesters and hopefully not too many people with be hurt or killed.

So far, Obama seems to have taken the right approach to the situation. If he speaks too strongly for or against either AJ or MHM it’ll be twisted and used as a means to quell the masses to “stop the Great Satan” from interfering in Iranian affairs.

I’d suggest visiting Sandmonkey’s Blog and the assorted twitters for what’s happening in Iran. Fascinating stuff like civilians attacking the Basji base, an apparently rather pathetic pro-AJ rally (if you call 20 people a rally), and other stuff like that. It’s also where I discovered that apparently a number of middle eastern news agencies aren’t even bothring to mention what is going on. I guess it’s that Persian-Arab rivalry.


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