Obama pushing the health care follies

So I see President Obama was pushing his health care system “overhaul” today at the AMA. Not surprisingly he attacked anyone who disagreed with his agenda with the usual smears of “fear mongers” and “naysayers”. It’s sad really that he has chosen the same destructive course and lies used to cripple the auto industry and banks from rebounding from their woes, even comparing the health care system to Chrysler. Funny, didn’t the government bail out a good chunk of both industries and they’re still floundering? How about the government’s complete and utter failures with regards to the VA, Medicare, and Medicaid? Hardly a resounding endorsement for government run anything, Mr. President.

Sadly, the President tout’s these plans as reforms: making health insurance available and affordable, cutting costs, etc. The problem is there is nothing in these plans that hasn’t been done before and completely and utterly failed. They are called HMOs. I highly doubt that a government run HMO would somehow magically be more effective than the private sector given our government’s notorious behavior when it comes to budgets, debt, and bureaucratic abuse of it’s citizens.

No thanks, I’ll take the free market health care system as it is, warts and all. At least there is a choice and I can shop around to get whatever insurance I want from any company in the nation. The problems can be fixed with some adjsutments here and there. Scrapping it doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do, in my opinion. Somehow throwing out the baby with the bathwater just doesn’t sound appealing to me and certainly doesn’t solve the underlying problem. It just creates and even worse one.


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