Iran Protests continue

Despite a crackdown, it appears the protests continue in Iran. Hopefully they will continue and gather strength. Naturally, I fear the Ayatollahs will soon unleash the Revolutionary Guard on the protesters since the Basiji seem to have suddenly lost their ability to instill fear into the masses (eg apparently Tehran’s new sport for the protesting masses is Basiji Hunting), despite their beating little kids and invading residences. The question is would even that extreme step end the protests if truly the masses have risen up in frustration against the Ayatollas continuing hardline.

The shah’s son coming out to back the protesters and claim “Neda is one of my daughters” seems kind of…opportunistic, no? There’s a reason the Shah and his family were punted from Iran. Mr. Pahlavi may truly want a parliamentary style democracy in Iran but his families shameful history there tarnishes the message somewhat.


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