Is the honeymoon over?

One can only hope, but I doubt it.

So Obama had a Q&A today and is having another propaganda fest tomorrow on ABC, which I’ll be avoiding out of the principle of censorship on the part of that network. ABC can make all the claims they want that what they’re doing tomorrow is not censorship by denying an opposing voice to Obama’s health care “reform” but that’s exactly what it is in classic Soviet fashion.

Now today’s presser was, for me, more interesting to watch Obama get huffy with reporters who questioned his activities than anything else. After all, the rest was simply half truths, hypocrisy, lies, wishful thinking, and an intentional insertion of a blogger into the press conference in order for Obama to make himself look better on his Iran statements. It’s funny how he instantly alway frowned and tensed up in obvious displeasure when somebody questioned him. The worst was his obnoxious dismissal of one reporter near the end so that he could quickly get a kiss ass question from a CNN “reporter’. I did take heart that it appears the MSM is finally starting to act like an independent free press. That or just getting good at pretending to be an independent free press.

That said, there was plently to mock. So what was covered?

Obama making the rediculous claim of being 95% cured of his smoking habit. Kinda like being 95% pregnant eh? Ri-ight. Sorry, but the President has no right to be acting holier than thou about smoking when he himself has not quit.

His covering his ass on a government run health care system, in effect saying he has no problems with destroying yet another American industry in order to expand the government’s corrupt little tendrils into people’s lives.

He doesn’t think there’s a need for a third stimulus package….wait for it…wait for it…Yet! Yes, our lovely litle Prez wants another stimulus package which the country can not afford just in time to save his colleagues asses in Congress from when the American public vents their frustration at them for effectively economically crippling the country for the forseeable future.

Apparently Mr. Obama thinks South America consists of one country, Chile. Okay he did mention another, Brazil. Too bad his question was asked with regards to South America in general.

Guess he’s touchy about his ears for some reason. Note to the Prez: someone using the name Spock is not always referring to you. For that matter, note #2: the universe does not revolve around you.


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