HR2454 Bill

As most Americans are unaware of is Friday’s expected vote on the so called Waxman-Markey Climate Change Bill (HR2454) [Text] [PDF] (aka Cap and Trade bill). Sadly an otherwise reasonable bill that provided for laudable efforts like expanding the use of alternate fuels and address deforestation had been hijacked by tax-and-more-tax politicians. Let’s be honesty here, this bill will monetize climate change, increase taxes on Americans, and increase the cost of energy, fuel, and products. It will not reduce carbon emissions or protect the environment in anyway, shape, or form as claimed unless you think letting our so called leaders in Washington reap huge rewards for themselves in the process. We all know what gasbags those on the Hill are.

Opposition to cap-and-trade grows in U.S.: poll | Green Business | Reuters

Cap and Trade disaster coming Friday, expect gas prices to go up This article makes some very valid points about why this bill is merely another government theft perpetrated upon the American people through taxes.

Among the biggest lies perpetrated to get people to fall for this scam: carbon dioxide can be quantified. (Let’s not forget it’s not really a pollutant either. What do people think plants need to produce oxygen?) And that’s just one of many. Cap and Trade Doesn’t Work –

How Much Cap-and-Trade Bill Would Cost Families – Green Inc. Blog – The numbers quite frankly enrage me. Not shock. Not surprise. Enrage. Why? Because combined with everything else being shoved down out throats by the corrupt politicians in DC it guarantees crippling the United States economy and burdening the American people with ever increasing debt until the system fails, and with it America’s prosperity and way of life.

Top 10 Reasons to Oppose Cap and Trade | FreedomWorks

So for Arizonans opposed to this tax contact your Congressmen to encourage them to vote against the Waxman-Markey Climate Change Bill (HR2454). For that matter contact them every week on the issues that concern you. That’s the only way to remind them that they are there to represent you and answer to you not their party dictatorsleaders!

Environmentalism should never be hijacked in order to push political agendas without any scientific debate or public discussion, especially when it comes to imposing taxation and government intrusion into our personal lives. This is true of all important issues facing America.


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