Iran Crisis

The crisis in Iran appears to be continuing amazingly enough two weeks on, though it is difficult to tell with the increasingly restrictive flow of information. What has been shown is fractures among the ruling elite and the rallies seem to be fading for a long social and political battle that will be played out in the shadows and nights of Iran, not unlike how the Islamic Revolution started 30 years ago. It appears Mousavi is standing firm for now. Certainly the government there has been quick and harsh to quash any sort of dissent or free expression. The Iranian soccer team learned this. As did professors. And of course the protesters injured and killed by the Ayatollahs’ thugs.

Of course, AJ spewed his usual rhetoric about American interference in Iran and demanded an apology. Not surprising since he (AJ) views Obama as untested and weak.

I am pleased that the administration withdrew the Fourth of July invitations to the Iranian diplomats. There’s diplomacy and then there’s just outright bad form as was the case this time. You don’t invite diplomats of a nation murdering it’s political opponents to a celebration many Americans feel symbolizes freedom.


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