Some posts and analysis of Honduras and assorted political interpretations of the events there.

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Matthew Yglesias » A Smart Take on Honduras

Roberto Lovato: Obama Has the Power and Responsibility to Help Restore Democracy in Honduras

Honduras crisis shows Latin America’s weaknesses – Americas – MiamiHerald.com

Personally I disagree with Obama’s (and other world leaders) public calls of support for Zelaya and suspect that behind the scenes many are grateful that Chavez’s ALBA faces a setback in their attempt to expand their influence through out the Americas. As for the world, foreign nations not involved (e.g. everyone) need to stay out of Honduras’ political affairs and let them sort it out. They don’t have to like how things went down but they should not support a politician that was repeatedly defying his nation’s own laws either.

The MSM also needs to start reporting the facts instead of supporting political agendas and lying about events in Honduras with wild claims of riots, military junta, and so on. Even better, maybe try something fresh like telling the entire story. (Ha! Yeah I know that’s not going to happen.)

The truth will out eventually.


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