Dan Choi

As those who have been following the issue of the military’s misguided “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy knows that today Lt. Dan Choi lost his first DADT battle, but vowed to keep fighting. I still find it incomprehensible that the U.S. government and elements in the military somehow think our country’s best interests are served in discriminating against otherwise qualified and much needed personnell based solely on their gender preference. Should not the ability to serve our nation be solely based on one’s capabilities rather than socio-political dogma?

The Obama administration has merely sidestepped the issue (as I knew he would always do) while SecDef Gates softened his public approach (only because the WH is using him as a scape goat to cover their inactivity). Congress abets the administration’s astounding silence by intentionally ignoring the issue as well. Perhaps both pray that it will go away while our military personnel are left wallowing in a muddled policy. The administration’s excuse for this behavior is supposedly to allow time to convince old guard military top relent. President Obama forgets that he is the Commader in Chief and like President Truman when integrating the military could simply order DADT out of existence. Unfortunately Obama is too fearful of taking a stand on anything. Truman faced massive opposition to racially integrating the military but did it anyway.

As those I know in the military like to say: Mission first.

The net effect is the government has gone from always discrimnating against homosexuals in the military to just sometimes. How very progressive. /sarcasm

As usual I encourage all people to contact their Representatives and Senators to tell them what you want on all issues from DADT to the environment to taxes and beyond. Look beyond partisan politics and beyond party to what is best for all Americans within the guidelines of our Constitutional government.

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