Honduras Update

Things appear to be heating up down in Honduras with Zelaya apparently heading back and Chavez’s ALBA puppets in Nicaragua are making Chavez’s threat to invade Honduras a possible reality:

Ousted Honduran leader departs on flight for home – washingtonpost.com

Honduras says Nicaragua has troops moving on border | Markets | Bonds News | Reuters

The OAS suspended Honduras from their membership, though Honduras claims they withdrew. Regardless, it’s good Honduras is out as it clearly tells the OAS that Honduras will not accept the ALBA leftist thugs imposing their Bolivarian nonsense on Honduras and turning them into another poor puppet state under Chavez’s local lieutenant, Zelaya.

Amusingly enough the OAS is saying only “legitimate” governments can withdraw from the OAS. Well that rules out Zelaya. That aside, the OAS is not a dictatorship despite it being controlled by would be despots, and it’s members can choose to leave or stay as they see fit. Otherwise it’s just another dictatorial organization that needs to be annihilated out of existence as a threat to freedom and sovereignty.

Of course CNN and other MSM are still portraying this as an evil plot against a poor innocent victim with reports that CNN refusing or cutting off those who try to tell the Honduran side while prattling on about Zelaya supposed “mass” popularity.

An interesting blog to check out: Honduras Abandoned In effect, a first hand look at what’s going on, good, bad, and indifferent, without the leftist media spin.

Another of interest:
Honduras News,


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