Woe to the Republic 1: Obama Healthcare

And it isn’t pretty. Which is good since ugliness seems to be the only thing that catches people’s attention for any reasonable span of time. I’m completely against Obama’s socialized medical system and the outrageous expansion of government control over…well, everything. Fortunately, there are many like me with far greater influence and genuine political power to try and stop the insanity before it is too late.

We’ve got the usual Democratic Party instigated class warfare in the terms of taxing the “rich”, except they can’t decide what rich is.  Add to that thefact that, like it or not, it is the “rich” that create jobs in America by starting business and working hard to make those businesses successful. Taxing people for becoming wealthy through hard work will only further guarantee the degeneration of this nation’s economic status and capability when coupled with the moronic cap-and-tax policies of the administration. This is where some interesting things occur when U.S. Chamber opposes ‘millionaire’ tax – Phoenix Business Journal:.

Of course Comrade Emanuel (who has always been a thug) and Co don’t like the Arizona Senators daring to question their plans, let alone point out all the actual flaws like the failures such as the so called Stimulus. This has led to accusations of : “Thinly-Veiled Threats”? White House Suggests Arizona Republicans Put Up or Shut Up – Political Punch I think a better reaction would be for the White House to put or shut the hell up. Implying a threat simply reaffirms the growing sentiment that this administration is a threat. If this is the Obama administration’s idea of bipartisanship and cooperation, I say Arizona should refuse the money and tell the Federal Government to go to hell.The reaction is but a highlight of an administration in over its head and willing to crush anything in their way via any means necessary.  Too bad for them the public is all too aware of this and fed up with the statist dictatorial theme coming out of the White House.

Now back to the real point of the post:

Besides, the way I see things with Obamacare: if the Congress doesn’t want it then neither should anyone else. Why else would the majority of Congress be demanding that they don’t have to be a part of Obamacare? If it’s so great they should want it more than anyone else. This lack of enthusiasm and support on Congresses’ part is enough to tell me that Obamacare is a giant farce and simply another statist powergrab the political elite to crush the American public under their thumbs.

So while the Obamacare flounders (and I pray dies an ignominious death on the Congressional floors) Shadegg unveils option for health-care reform. In effect people would get $2500 tax credits for their health coverage. Far more simple than the intrusive, over bloated, big brother socialist system endorsed by Obama. The problem still exists in either case: no plan addressed the real problems of containing health care costs nor solves the issue of getting people on health insurance. Both simply throw money (or in Obamacare’s case, taxpayer money) at it and hope it goes away. None do anything to lower medicine, doctor’s visits, treatments, et al. No. A. Single. One.

Why are there no plans to deal with the long term problems such as:

  1. Mandatory generic versions of drugs after a specified period of time (say 5 years maximum).  This way, the companies spending millions in research could recoup their costs and make money for a reasonable period of time before it be released for generic, lower cost production.
  2. Reform medical malpractice to prevent frivolous lawsuits and enhance legitimate lawsuits.
  3. Mandate lower rates for those shown to take of themselves by not being physically fit, non-smoking, non-drinking, etc. Conversely mandate higher rates for those doing the opposite.
  4. Offer civil service type programs inwhich newly graduated medical students (doctor, nurses, et al) have their education loans forgiven for a specified number of years working in clinics, hospitals, and so forth in areas lacking medical service.

I’m sure there are many more ways to cut costs that don’t involve arrogant Washington politicians and their sychophants intruding into people’s private lives and stealing their hard earned money without consent or consultation.

That is really what has gone wrong in America. We have taxation with representation, but not consultation. Our representatives no longer represent the people. They represent their parties and their lobbyists. This is the only real threat the Founding Fathers never anticipated: the Party system would be used to destroy the Constitution and the Federal Republic by statist idealogues intent on control and power.

Woe to the Republic.

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