Woe to the Republic 2: F-22 and Hate Crimes

Many know that I am for gay rights and legal protections for all who face discrimination and violent behavior for not fitting into the assorted definitions of  normalcy. Personally I wish there were no hate crime provisions but understand the reasoning behind them. But I am equally outraged at a defense appropriations bill being hijacked to push a social agenda, in this case a hate crimes bill (the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act) to assist in protecting homosexuals has been egregiously added as part of a defense bill funding the F-22. The Matthew Shepard Act in and of itself is worthy, so why potentially hold military funding hostage to it.

This tacking on unrelated items to bills has been a major problem in our government for years and should be banned in my opinion. If a piece of legislation is truly worthy then there is no need to attach it to something else in the hopes of either a) sneaking it through or b) intentionally blackmailing the Congress into the approving it at the risk of critical legislation failing to pass.

This practice of disgusting and unethical. Legislation should be put in place stating that any bill and it’s attached riders must be directly and appropriately related in order to be considered valid. This corruption of the legislative process must end.

Woe to the Republic


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