I noted some an interesting thing while reading the article, Obama Health Care Plan

Seeking to prod colleagues, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy wrote an essay for Newsweek magazine about the policy that has guided his decades in the Senate.

“Unless we act now, within a few years, 55 million Americans could be left without coverage even as the economy recovers,” wrote the Massachusetts Democrat, who is being treated for brain cancer. “All Americans should be required to have insurance. For those who can’t afford the premiums, we can provide subsidies.”

So according to Sen Kennedy:

  • The economy won’t recover for a few years (at least), which contradicts the White House who are already trying the portray the stimulus bill  as working.
  • 55 million Americans will be without health insurance, when the article claims 50 million are without it now. So if the economy hasn’t recovered by then, as noted previously, of course there are going to be more uninsured.
  • The good Senator seems to think insurance should be required. Yes, insurance, not health care. A nice little distinction that shows the Senator’s true loyalties: the profiteers in the insurance industry who want corporate welfare at taxpayer expense. They would get tax payer money in the form of subsidies on top of their usual charges to tax payers who can afford insurance.

Definitely some interesting tidbits that show the true purpose of the the plan: fleecing Americans.

Just more reasons to be against ObamaCare: corporate welfare, government imposed insurance; on top of the old ones: Congress exempting themselves, lack of personal choice, interference of interstate business and commerce, bureaucrats making medical decisions, raising taxes, no cost containment plans, et al.


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