Woe to the Republic 4: Just Die Already

I can honestly say that I am, for the first time, well and truly surprised at our government. Beyond surprised. Sickened. Disgusted. Furious. Our government has done many shameful things, but this? This could quite possibly be the worst yet.

What is it that has put me in this state? A section of Obama’s health care plan regarding “Advance Care Planning Consultation” (Sec 1233) which will focus on palliative care and hospices for the elderly but also includes chilling inducements to encourage the elderly to end their lives simply because of expense and deny them medical treatment based solely on their expected remaining life expectancy.

In effect it says to the elderly: Do your patriotic duty and die already. What I want to know is why there is such a pathological hatred of the elderly that would prompt this addition to health care? Because hatred or dementia is the only thing that could explain such a callous disregard for a segment of the U.S. population.

All I can say is if this remains a part of Obamacare is W! T! F! you sick bastards. Time to definitely throw out anyone who supports such a heinous act of senicide*. This country already went through the horrors of elderly abuse when it was brought to light just a couple of decades ago. Do we really want to return to a system that would return to such barbarity with government sanction?

*Senicide def: the abandonment, death, suicide or killing of the elderly

Woe to the Republic!


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