I didn’t watch Obama’s media event last night as I was enjoying BBC America’s Torchwood instead. (Love the shows, hate the channel’s political bias.)

I gather Obama’s press conference last night was a rather long winded affair in which he aside from his usual lies and sophistry he employs for his “health care” plan  essentially accused doctors of medical malpractice (e.g. apparently some greedy doctor took out Mr Obama’s tonsils without reason at some point. Just kidding. A little.) without any substantiating evidence, implied everyone in the insurance industry are otherwise unethical, immoral, et al, that everything is the Bush administration’s fault (again), called a police officer’s actions stupid while admitting to not knowing the facts of what happened to cause Obama’s friend to be arrested, and basically droned on about how the universe would implode and he’d take all his toys and go home if he didn’t get what he wanted on health care…Now!

Okay the last part might not be true. 🙂

I gather even the MSM was rather unmipressed given whatever dance show it was on FOX pulled in better ratings per individual network than Obama’s conference and that even overall numbers were down some 3 million. There certainly was a lack of the usual sickening gush of cheerleading on the local news last night or today (read: none) over it so, yeah, bad for the Prez.


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