Arizona 2010 Elections

It’s way early but I’m already taking a look at the potential candidates running for assorted offices in Arizona, trying to determine which I may support.


Jan Brewer (R) Incumbent Hell no! The crazy bitch has held this state hostage, blocked the Dems from proposing ideas along with the equally batshit crazy State Gouse Republicans over a referendum to raise taxes one percent, all the while refusing to show up to negotiations. She arrogant, obnoxious, and is completely clueless.

Barry Goldwater, Jr (L) Not sure. Someone out there keeps pushing but there’s nothing on the website I can find to difinitively state he’s planning  a run for Governor.

Terry Goddard (D) Current AZ AG, former Phoenix Mayor. Not sure. He seems okay as far as supporting AZ law enforcement in crime and enforcing immigration laws. Need more information on whether he’d sell out the DNC or remain true to Arizona.

Phil Gordon (D) Current Phoenix Mayor. Hell no. Not a santuary supporter like this ass. He’d have Arizona crawling with illegals in a heartbeat and calling anyone racist whose against his pro-illegal immigrant activities.

John Paul Mitchell (I) No information at this time other than he intends to run.

U.S. Senate

John McCain (R) Incumbent. Supporting. I don’t always agree with him, but I trust him more than most politicians, which is saying a lot for me. I suspect McCain will handily be reelected regardless of his opposition at this point but you never know.

Jim Deakon Jr (R) Seems pretty straight forward conservative Republican, the un-electable kind (e.g. promotes the Christian right wing view, drilling in ANWR, etc.). I agree with some of his conservative economic ideas but he has a twisted view that government run health care will eliminate the need for unions. Makes a little bit of a wingnut in my mind. Too conservative for most Arizonans to be elected I suspect.

Chris Simcox (R) Claims to be a Constitonal conservative and is the creator of the Minutemen. Problem is he seems to be stuck in the past as he’s trying to get elected in 2010 but using the 2008 Republican Platform, which is out of date and out of touch with Arizonans fed up with Party politics destroying this country. Worse, in my view, is it shows Simcox wants to be a minion of the RNC rather than represent the will of the people of Arizona who are, whether Simcox likes it or not, politically moderate to center-right.

Rudy Garcia (D) Don’t know much about him, but I don’t like him playing the racial politics game lying about “McCain turning on Hispanics”. Unfortunately Mr Garcia has many words on his website about policies but few solutions on a number of issues. Most of his solutions are the same tripe that the major parties have been trotting out for decades but never actually implementing. At this point I have to declare him an empty suit.

Stuart Starky (D) Seems ok. Supports a lot of things I agree with: immigration reform (despite him allowing his politics to color his views of Sheriff Arpaio), gun rights, universal health care through combined state and private plans (read: no Washington DC interference in state citizens lives), modernizing energy, equal rights for all (including gays), and so on. Starky might make things interesting for McCain if his campaign gets some traction.

Joseph Huff (D) No info. A cipher in the political equation at this point.

I’ll cover Congressional District 4 another time but it’s safe to say that I feel it is time for Ed Pastor to go. He’s sold out to just about everyone so he can be the good little foot soldier for the DP, supports pork barrel waste, the failed Stimulus, and obviously never read the Health Care proposal that could put the elderly in his district in danger and yet when the average joe constituent seeks guidance or recommendations Pastor and his staff refuse to do so.

2 thoughts on “Arizona 2010 Elections

  1. Just ran across your blog. Thought you’d like to know that my gubernatorial campaign website can be found at

    You also might be interested to know I’m hosting a virtual town hall for two hours on July 30th. Its scheduled between 6-8pm MST.

    I hope you can tune in, watch, and participate.

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