Defend Your Health Care

Defend Your Health Care

Get the other side of the health care debate not being covered by the MSM. Or read it and question your Representatives and Senators on why they are exempting themselves from partaking in the so called reform that Obama and Co wish to force upon Americans. Everyone in government to should be forced to obey the same laws as the citizenry. No separate favorable laws for the ruling elite and their minions with a seperate egregious set of laws for the masses. Such division is what prompted the launch of the Revolutionary War and every bloody  revolution in the history of mankind.

And why is it Rahm Emanuel’s brother has such a prominent position at NIH and encouraging unethical and immoral behavior from doctors in order to deny health care to the sick and elderly in order to save money? Convenient that the White House’s resident thug has someone in a position to initiate changes on who gets treatment and who doesn’t if the so called reform gets passed.

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