Quick Pol Picks

The Battle For Concord–Mall Just another sad example of the continuing decline of the United States and citizens more concerned with imposing their world view on others rather than accepting the diversities of opinions that exist in this nation. While I support businesses such as malls right to chose who and who can not have stores on their premises I do not like obviously politically motivated decision making. I simply do not understand why so many people think the right to free expression only applies to them and that everyone else that disagrees with them needs to be silenced by coercion of other methods of force.

Obamacare continues to be discussed in the House. I aboutdied laughing at the Representatives preening over the fact that they(allegedly)  trimmed $100 billion off the pricetag. It’s still a trillion plus change. Idiots! This is why we need to throw the lot of them out, even putting aside the whole public option no choice senicide BS included in the plan. I am pleased that people are now picking up of that deadly little bit hidden away…senicide. A vile, obscenity if there ever was one to be added to Obamacare. Keep up the pressure on Congress, my friends. Kill this bill before it kills you.


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