Obama Joker Poster


It’s amusing enough for a few seconds but hardly worthy of the fake controversy surrounding it. I looked at it, got a chuckle and thne moved on. Certainly Bush faced worse posters during his years. Bush and Obama are equally imbicilic so it’s only fair both get lampooned. It just find it sad that wing nuts try to demonize their opponents but then cry fould when the same is done to them.

Racist? Hardly, though the wing nuts (this time on the left) would have you think so. But then these were the same wing nuts that say anyone who did not vote for Obama or doesn’t support his statist agenda is a racist, so there you go. Socialist? Obama is obviously of a socialist mindset but The Dark Knight‘s Joker isn’t really a socialist, more anarchist than anything else. So not exactly a fit either.

Moving on to real concerns…


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