Phoenix City Council election

Well, September 1 is the Phoenix City Council election for district 4. The choices are Tom Simplot and Robert Dennis Johnson. (And the write in slot, of course.)

I’m not too impressed with Johnson, who reads like a typical old school professional tax-and-spend Democrat.

But then , I’m not too thrilled with Simplot either who seems to think form is better than substance. Why else would he have the homeless harassed in public parks instead of improving the cities homeless problem? Exploring a feasibility program. Pfft. Just do it already, dimwit. No, Simplot apparently thinks a dog park at Steele Indian School Park is more important and a good way to waste money. Talk about lacking common sense.

No wonder Phoenix is falling apart at the seams. These idiots are more concerned with wasting money on fluff instead of solving some of the cities very big problems.

Any decent write in candidates to put in instead? I seriously wish he had the option to vote “none of the above” that would require a new election in which only new candidates could run in.


2 thoughts on “Phoenix City Council election

    • Note to self: Check spam filters more often for non-spam replies.

      Well obviously this is a very late reply and I apologize for that.

      I’ve had time now to look at your plan.

      A point I’d like to make before continuing while I like the idea of bringing in new businesses to Phoenix, but the plan as presented is stuck on a notion that has proven to be a disastrous failure: tourism. Tourism can not keep Arizona going, that has been fundamentally clear by the recession. Second, don’t link yourself to Obama (or conversely any major Republican figure). That tells me your not working for Phoenicians or Arizonans but instead more interested in being puppets to the corrupt national committees of the two major parties. Think for yourself, for once, and come up with Arizonan solutions to Arizonan problems.

      Now back tot he plan. It sounds good until I see words like federal funds involved and relying on tourist taxes to survive. Worse I see nothing in there about cutting unnecessary waste. All I see is talk about propping up the dying tourism industry and grand words about cleaning up the city but no actual plans spelled out on how such goals would be achieved.

      Arizona needs to become less dependent suckling on the federal teat and more independent. We should be the world’s largest manufacturer of solar power related equipment and technology, not vying for the tourist capital of the world. If we want to reduce carbon emissions, than force the ValleyMetro to lower ticket costs below what it costs to drive a car instead of continuing their corporate welfare at Phoenicians expense. Want to jump start recycling than make recycling of all products required and provide incentives for recycling companies to operate.

      Now this is where I get ugly and personal because your plans directly attacks me, my family, my friends, my neighbors, and local small business.

      And one final thing: try to turn my home region into a giant business zone? All roads are connection roads, morons! Go to hell.

      Where are the people supposed to live? Tell me that you arrogant crud. This just shows me that you don’t a care one bit for Phoenicians, just how much you can screw them over and make them slaves to your corporate buddies. You can’t say the area is useless but then try to use places like High Tech Institute/Anthem College as examples of what you want to do. HTI/Anthem was there long before you were around, buddy.

      Take your bogus potshot at local companies back too! I recognize those areas in the pictures. I know them very well. Small business is what built America. You’re obviously a corporate shill out to destroy local business and destroy people’s homes so you can get a little profit out of it for yourself. Scumbags like you’ve been trying to destroy my area of the city for decades. Guess what? It isn’t going to happen. So get over it and address the cities real problems instead of trying to screw the people over.

      Your worse than an old school tax-and-spend Democrat, Mr. Johnson. You think destroying people’s lives is okay if you can make some money on it. You’re the worst sort of government official America can get and the prime reason why this nation is falling apart. I seriously want to kick your ass at this point for trying to act like you give damned about anything but your greed and ego. I’ll settle instead on the fact I voted for the other guy. He’s an asshole but at least he isn’t trying to destroy my neighborhood so some dumbass corporations can make a profit off the back of my friends, neighbors, and family.

      I’m glad Simplot crushed you. I may hate him, but he’s not advocating destroying my neighborhood or some dumbass corporations.

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