New Day, Same Old Stuff

Spy on your neighbor. Thus sayeth the Obama Administration. Or words to that effect.

Really now, the Administration hardly needs people to act like snoops for them when all they need do is browse the web to get a feel for what people think is going on, be it factual or not. And whoever wrote their missive on the WH site is an idiot for the poor phrasing that makes the administration seem like the keystone cops of statist censorship and thuggery.

Too bad it’s only going to inflame the U.S. populace against the administration if it’s viewed as trying to intimidate opposition voices, quell discourse, and silence free speech. And since when did we return to the bad old days of McCarthyism and “Red Scare” tactics to silence the rights of the citizenry to demand answers from their government. (I’ll conceed this type of activity preceded that moonbat McCarthy and continued long after he was booted from government but never reached such a peak until the McCarthy era.) Intimidation has never worked on Americans. At least not for long before they fought back and defeated their would be censors and oppressors.

The WH need to face facts. Americans don’t like what they’re hearing and reading about healthcare from the very mouths that want to change it: the government. Perhaps rather than trying to fear-monger and make feeble attempts at intimidation they should get off their holier than thou bully pulpit and  stop, look, and listen to the American people and what they have to say. Not the special interest groups. Not their fringers. Not corporations. Not the various and sundry politically motivated groups out there. The People. Period.

In anycase, I hear some have intentionaly spammed the WH email address to “turn themselves in” as opponents to the Obama’s Health Care “reforms” just to cheese the wanna-be Big Brothers off at the site. Good for them.


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