Funny how the silence echoes to a storm

Perhaps the Obama administration should be wary of the growing storm they are feeding.

I don’t really feel like writing much tonight other than to say I am contemptuous and scornful of the lefty loonies trying to dismiss the genuine anger and concern the American people have over health care “reform”. Somehow they seem to think they can out “wing nut” the right wing “wing nuts” from the Bush era, which would be something of a feat. Unfortunately they seem well on the way to succeeding in that regard. So now we have a  thugs that think they can intimidate the public into silence, at the behest of the White House, planning to try and stop the citizenry from expressing their outrage at assorted town hall meeting by bringing their own people to stack the events into Obama’s favor and drown out any opposition. Then we have delusional politicians who simply dismiss the people’s anger as some  incitement by some mysterious GOP led vast right wing conspiracy. LOL. Sure. You keep telling yourselves that when your voted out of office for not listening the citizenry, you scumbags.

Facts are facts. People don’t like Obamacare, which they (Congress, et al) continue to lie about even though they seem to have forgotten that a number of citizens have done something they have not: READ IT! People certainly don’t like the public option with it’s shifty mandatory “end of life” consultations, cutting $150 billion from Medicare, prohibiting the sale of private health insurance starting in 2013, a 2.5% tax on any not accepting a bureaucrat approved health care plan, among other thing.[1]  People most of all don’t like elected leaders acting like they are untouchable dictators for life or some form of royalty allowed to crush the masses whenever they feel like it. Outr leaders refuse to explain their actions or hold themselves accountable for failing to do their jobs with the best interest of their citizens at heart, not the government or their political affiliation.

[1] Don’t believe these claims about the bill? Don’t listen to the demagogues or the MSM propagandists. Read it for yourself here and decide. You’ll probably end up telling Obama and his clowns to sod off with their lies afterward.

I’m so looking forward to the 2010 elections when these scumbags can be made to pay for their arrogance by throwing them out of office.

And to end on an amusing note: The People’s Cube


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