Obama Propaganda Event #….something

I’ve lost count on President Obama’s propaganda events. Apologies if I get a little rant-like below but I’m also pissed off at my congressman for conveniently forgetting to inform his constituents when he was having his townhall and I (and others I know) missed it as a result, the scumbag. Anyway…

Not surprisingly Obama’s Town Hall was just another propaganda festival and I quit watching when the first questioner was from the local government and obviously a rabid Obama supporter and  the second questioner was a young girl reading off of an obviously pre-written question on a card about “mean signs” from protesters. Gimme a break you dusgusting cowards using children to push an agenda. Talk about complete poltical pandering and bullshit.

So much for honest debate, but then this is Obama who doesn’t want to hear anything but being chanting yes at him like mindless drones. This was after the obligatory lies, misrepresentations, and continuing attempt to initiate class warfare and anti-business fervor. Maybe things got better (by this I mean non-partisan, non-pro-Obama Americans got to ask non-scripted questions) but I’m told that the propaganda continued with rigged “softball” questions per the White House strategy of the last week, so nothing new there if that is true.

All this while the President has been cutting deals with the same industries he claims to be the problem. Hypocrisy or lies? Either way, Obama continues show a complete lack of leadership, integrity, and honesty with the American people. Why is the President afraid to allow a genuine discussion without any government interference, censorship, propaganda, or implied threats between the people and their elected officials? Oh that’s right, we’re only a democracy when the people agree with the government in Obama’s world. Everyone else is just an unpatriotic mob.


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