Hail to the Republic 2: The People Roar

I’m proud of all the Americans who are going to the town halls, calling, writing and emailing the elected officials demanding they listen to the people who elected them to office. It’s time for the people to for once silence the elitist, arrogant fools and make them listen to the will of the people.

Let the elitists call those who dare question them any epithet they can think of: un-American, un-patriotic, lunatic, nut, mob; the people are the now vocal majority. Let the statists have their blatant propaganda events so that they can be exposed for the frauds that they are. In their delusions of grandeur and power they have forgotten the true power in America.

This is about more than just health care or bailouts or deficits. This is about returning the government back to the representative democracy it was created as and of which our elected officials have forgotten. This is about elected officials failing to perform their most basic job: passing legislation with an informed opinion. And lastly this is about national parties subverting state Representives to ignore their constituents in favor of the national committees.

So carry on America! Listen to your fellow Americans, allow them their voice. And when you have your chance shout to the skies if that’s what it takes to get the elitists to listen to you. Don’t let anyone silence your voice simply because they believe their opinion is the only opinion. If the government doesn’t like what you’re saying then you’re probably saying exactly what needs to be said.

Hail to the Republic!


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