Hello, Mr Pastor?

Hellooo. Anybody there? We, the resident of CD4, would like to speak with you. So please stop hiding and talk to us.

Hmm. I guess Mr Pastor doesn’t care to listen or respond to his constituents. But then he has little to fear if that wing-nut Karg is the only one challenging him. I should check to see if the Libertarians are putting someone up against him. If they’re smart they will. With the current anti-big government sentiment in the country this is probably the only time the Libertarians are going to have a chance at actually winning some seats in Congress let alone get their message out.

In city politics…

I sent out my mail-in ballot today. I vomit a little in my mouth everytime I think about having to choose between such uninspiring choices. In this case, I disgustedly voted for the incumbent. All I can say is, should he win, is that he better start showing more concern for the homeless and the people in the district than he does for dogs or I see a recall in his future.

And Mayor Gordon and his lackeys apparently think Arizonans are racists if they oppose his sanctuary policies with respect to illegal immigration (e.g. turning Phoenix into a sanctuary city). Actually this is old news given Mayor Gordon thinks anyone against illegal immigration is against all immigration. It’s just back in the spotlight because he’s bringing in outside interests like the Southern Poverty Law Center to try to stabilize his flagging support with divisive language like “nativist” and the state being “infested by hate groups”. The irony is the SPLC’s own numbers show that Arizona is inline with the rest of the nation in size and number of hate groups when you do the simple math. Doh! Guess that means the nation is infested with hate groups as well. Just saying…


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