Healthcare Coops

So if health care cooperatives are a viable option and one the president seems amenable to, why the headlong rush to force federally run public option? Oh right, the Statist fringers don’t think individuals can think and make decisions for themselves. Hence the far left’s near frothing at the mouth over Obama’s comments that were percieved as a concession towards no public option. On the flip side I’m suspicious of the cooperatives being used as a stealth tactic to impose public option by quietly federalizing cooperatives.

Of course the health care debate may well be moot with House leadership saying they will kill and bill that removes the public option and the Senate saying they’ll kill any bill including public option. If both hold true, then you have an assurance that nothing will be done. Which may be just as well.

It’s time for Congress to take  a step back and approach reforms to health care as they should have done the first time: looking at ways to tweak provisions and adjust laws to prevent some of the fraud and abuses going on, provide incentives for better coverage, implement cost controls on medicines and procedures, increasing insurance competition, things like that. Instead we got the statist wrecking machine trying to destroy health care for the majority of Americans to “help out” a minority of Americans in the name of “economic justice” (i.e. redistribution of wealth).

All I can say, is any politician who votes for public option and federal control of health care should in turn be voted out of office.

Sidenote: I get much amusement at (aka has been shut down. (At least for now.)

Sidenote: I hope the Obamas enjoyed their visit to the Grand Canyon.

Sidenote: I got much amusement from the idiots in the MSM (and some bloggers) having a tizzy about the people carrying weapons at protests outside of Obama’s address to the VFW. Guess what? In Arizona what they did was perfectly legal. I personally think they making a quiet, if not completely unsubtle, statement about the erosion of our Constitutional rights,  the harassment of gun owners at other events and the attempts by some to demonize those opposing Obamacare (or even Obama’s politics in general) to appeat to be gun toting nuts. But then I’m probably reading too much into it anyway. I myself would not have done it given I don’t feel the need to get the Secret Service all riled up if I’m just there to verbally protest in the first place, but to each their own. It does make me wonder how many were carrying concealed?