Pass the Maple Syrup

I swear I haven’t seen this much waffling in years in an administration.

Anyway, note to the White House: either be for your so called public option or against it. The whole we’re for it unless we’re not approach isn’t working to appease anyone.

I did get much amusement from the histrionics of the lefty MSM reporters at today’s press briefing over Schultz’s (aka Press Secretary “I know nothing” Gibbs) announcement of the President’s new non-position. You’d think the world is ending because they likely won’t get their government controlled insurance system, taxation, and big Pharma monopolization and price fixing masquerading as “health care”.

Remains skeptical, my friends. No government run “health care” and no more bailouts for big business at taxpayer expense. Demand true reform. Punish any politician who sells out the American people in this fashion by voting them out in the next election.

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