Obama Radio Address

Obama was asked in today’s propagandist radio show if it was possible to simply put everyone on the Federal medical plan or conversely force all the federal employees into a public option with the rest of the citizenry. So why didn’t Obama just simply answer the question: “Why yes we can open up the Federal system for uninsured Americans and leave the rest alone so we can then tackle genuine reform?”

Oh wait, this is Obama I’m writing about here. That would actually be a genuinely fair plan if the Democrats successfully force “reform” (as some are threatening to do) on the United States without the consent of the people. Oh noes! We can’t be fair. We need economic justice…erm, I mean health care reform. (/sarcasm)

No, instead we got an even more ridiculous answer: “We’re trying to duplicate the system.” (Or words to that effect.) Why duplicate it? That’s a waste of money when you simply can open it up to all Americans who want it without affecting the rest who do not. Ah, but then these elitists in the government can’t bear the idea of being equal to mere citizens, can they? They wouldn’t be given more power over people’s lives if they did something like that.

Otherwise, Obama babbled on in his usual way.


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