McCain Town Hall

So McCain had a health care town hall earlier today. It went about what I expected. Some ideas, some answers, some sidestepping, some laughs, and some boos. Lots of feisty people whether you consider them wing nuts or not is dependent on your perspective. Nothing extraordinary really other than it was a stark contrast from so many of the Democratic town halls the media made such a ballyhoo about.

My favorite lines from the town hall:

“You might be seeing the beginning of a peaceful revolt in America.”

Actually it’s more the people holding their government accountable more than a revolt, but I assume those elitists in DC think people questioning their elected officials is a revolt. Anyway, the revolt began a while ago, hence the TEA Parties, people going to town halls, etc.

“Senator, nuke it now!”

Though I agree with McCain that such an approach accomplishes nothing in the real world and even in the fantasy land that makes up DC. I just like the quote, since it sums up a lot of people’s anger over the Administration and Congress trying to force everything through without comment, debate, or compromise. When people are backed into a corner (or at least feel like it) they lash out.

Arizona Town Halls
Per The Arizona Republic

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Who: Senator McCain
Where: North Phoenix Baptist Church (5757 N Central, Phoenix)
When: 5:30 pm
Note: Constituents had to sign up by Monday 24 August

Friday 28 August

Who: The Tucson Tea Party (Presumably anti-ObamaCare)
Where: Rincon High School auditorium (422 N Arcadia Ave, Tucson)
When: 6:30 pm

Saturday 29 August

Who: Arizonans for Health Reform (Pro-ObamaCare)
Where: Phoenix College Bullpit auditorium (1202 W Thomas Road, Phoenix)
Time: 10 am – Noon


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