Ah, the smell of hypocrisy in the morning

The MSM is at it again and the perpatrators even less surprising.

No big surprise that ABC and NBC Refuse to Run Add Critical of Obama Health Care
given they’ve given themselves over as propagandists to the Obama administration and well before that the DNC. For the record, I give credit to the local affiliates who’ve broken from the parent network and do allow the adds to be seen. Those local stations still get that it’s not their job to tell the American people what to think or censor and supress opposing views! What’s especially hypocritical is NBC’s and ABC’s obvious lies that they that the adds are “too partisan” or want claims substantiated supposedly to make sure their viewers are given both sides of the debate. Curious how neither network was interested in the least in demanding the same substatiation from the proponents of Obamacare and actually denied access to the opposition. The worst case was of course ABC’s daylong coverage dedicated solely to propagandizing the virtues of Obamacare without allowing any counterclaims or ads from opponents to be seen or heard.


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