Obama’s Health Care Address Tomorrow

I could really care less what the President has to say tomorrow on health care. I doubt he can say anything to change my mind and the mind of many Americans concerned with the out of control spending, pandering to lobbyists, and the increasingly arrogant and dictatorial attitude of the White House and Congressional Democratic Party leadership. If his speech and any future bills has any of the following, it is something I will oppose in totality:

  1. Government run Public Option.
  2. Government run co-ops (which as they’re being presented at the moment are merely back doors for government run socialized medicine.)
  3. Exempts government employees and Congressmen from living under the same laws and rules as the citizenry.
  4. Removes health care plan choice from the citizens.
  5. Taxes employees.
  6. Taxes employers.
  7. Taxes goods and services.
  8. Raids Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security to “pay” for “reform”.
  9. Undercut payments to doctors, hospitals, and other medical professionals.
  10.  Provides coverage to illegals.
  11.  Allows bureaucrats to make or interfere in medical decisions. or contains anything remotely similar to a Health Choices Administration.
  12. Doesn’t directly address ways to cut costs.
  13. It adds trillions/billions/insert-insane-amount-of-money-here to the debt.
  14. Makes a deal guaranteeing big Pharma to set prices and have no competition.
  15. Does not include coverage for preventive medicine and care.
  16. Any “triggers” that allow the government to come in and socialize the system or start a public options because someone thinks the insurance companies aren’t doing enough. It’s just another backdoor to  socialized medicine.

So what’s left, you may wonder? Plenty. Tort reform. Prices. Insurance reform. All things that can be addressed to fix the problems in the system without destroying the entire system.

The real killer though will be any attempt to act like dictators and shove it down the American people’s throats. Use the so called “nuclear option” and Congress is as good as dead in the eyes of the American public. Congressmen ignoring their constituents? Kiss your lovely little political careers goodbye. Treat the people like idiots, and they’ll show you politicians what idiots you are. Try to make it a moral issue and be prepared to answer why every time they were in power before they never got around to solving the problem.

And one last suggestion to Mr. Obama. Ignore Bill Clinton’s inane blathering about ignoring the GOP. Look how well that worked for his Presidency. /sarcasm

Some points I expect he’ll try to throw in (whether it has anythng to do with health care or not):

  1. The economy is recovering. Fail. Unemployment is high. Jobs are still being lost. And nothing is being done to bring back manufacturing, the backbone of any world power. Stimulus money hasn’t done crap. Cash for clunkers has dealers still waiting to be paid by the government.
  2. It’s Bush’s fault. Fail. But I still expect it because Obama has a tendency to whine this whenever he’s not getting his way.
  3. Use another nation’s healthcare system as an example. Fail. The U.S. isn’t that country, and many of those social medicine nations are facing serious crises both monetarily and in treatment.

Remember, you don’t paint a room in your house by destroying and then rebulding the house. Why would you do the same to your nation’s medical system?


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