President Clueless

Obama Open to “Sin” Tax on Soda

Side note on the pic in the article: It’s truly lawl-worthy.

While I’m not aq big soda drinker this is plain stupid. An classic example of petty socialist nanny-state dictatorship thinking. In some perverted mindless zombie’s head the notion that taxing suger will solve all the nation’s problems somehow actually sounds plausible. But Obama is not completely gone yet:

“And look, people’s attitude is that they don’t necessarily want Big Brother telling them what to eat or drink, and I understand that.”

Hail Prince of the Obvious!

And no, President Obama obviously does not “understand that” otherwise he would not be making moronic statist suggestions like this or even be “open” to them. Leave the people alone to live their lives without the government asshats hovering over minutiae of their life.

How about the government cut back on their budgets and end their taxpayer paid vacations and benefits before considering raising taxes? Try living in the real world like the rest of mankind! Better yet, I propose a 25% tax on politicians paychecks and benefits every time they propose raising taxes or impose more government control on anything. They want to interfere with everyone’s lives and paychecks, then they should suffer the same fate ten times over.


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