President Clueless #2

Unsurprisingly (at least for me) Obama failed to win me over. And I suspect he failed to win over a significant number of Americans. Sadly though he is still clueless at why so many Americans are against Obamacare as it exists right now. And at this point I doubt he will ever get a clue.

I’ll only say that it was disrespectful of whichever Congressmen it was that shouted at Obama. Yes the Democrats have been extremely disrespectful in this debate by impugning all who disagree with them and trying to silence the rest, but being disrespectful in return does nothing to address the real problems of exclusionary elitism prevalent in DNC. Let them hang themselves with their own misguided and unwanted policies.

I’ll leave the rest to the political pundits. I stand by my previous posts on what is acceptable to me for health care reform. Anything else is unacceptable.


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