Tea and Acorns

It looks like the Tea Party in Washington, D.C. was pretty successful (not to mention those held across the country). Plenty of people showed up by all appearances, though it looks like we’ll perhaps never get an accurate estimation of the crowd size given the politicization of the news media when you get numbers ranging from some two million down to a few thousand. Regardless, I think they made their point sufficiently well, even if some of the more extreme left are in denial and using every dismissive tactic they can think of to dismiss the event.

On to more fun things…like watching ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) expose its corruption. Which is a rather sad occurrence for those honest people working for ACORN whose work may now be discredited by those recently caught in the scandal.

First we have a it come out that ACORN has actually been providing means to flaunt U.S. laws on taxation, immigration, and housing let alone turning a willful blind eye to child prostitution in one office. Then a second office is uncovered (by the same people) as following in similar vein. Now keep in mind this is the same group accused in a number of voter registration fraud concerns from the 2008 elections.

This has led to their removal from duties to aid the 2010 Census, and rightly so given the organizations questionable activities. I’m personally of the opinion that this group needs to be investigated further, especially in light of their recent behavior and the fact that they are the beneficiaries of billions of tax payer dollars via the stimulus. If nothing more they should be investigated to to ensure more illegal activity is not underway. I do hope the Department of Justice investigates them fully, but I’m skeptical this will happen given the light treatment the group has gotten over voter registration fraud activities.

Following on the heels of all this is Florida prosecutors accusing 11 ACORN workers of falsifying voter registration forms. While not evidence in and of itself it does show an ongoing pattern of questionable practices. Enough so to warrant investigations (as is occuring in a number of States) and criminal charges (such as in Nevada).

Of course ACORN is lashing out trying to play the victim of conspiracies by threatening lawsuits and what not again Fox and others for uncovering the criminal activity. I’ve said this often but you can’t claim to be the victim when you’re the one committing the crime. If ACORN wishes to survive it needs take responsibility for its members actions and be more transparent. Taking legal actions against those who report the organizations activities merely reinforces the perception that the group as a whole may be nothing but another criminal organization.

The question now is Maryland going to foolishly punish those who unconvered the ongoing fraud and criminal activity in their state by going after the filmmaker or are they going to do their job and rightfully go after those perpetrating the fraud and crime? Time will tell, I guess.


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