Race Baiting And Baucus-ObamaCare

Race Baiting

Sigh. I see a Obamacare supporters, such as Jimmy Carter, once more trotting out the old worn out myopic BS about if you disagree or oppose Obama or the Democrat’s health care “reforms” you’re a “racist” once again. Some are better at hiding their race baiting tactic by inferring that while only some opposed to Obama are “racist” yet somehow those fringe “racists” are driving the anti-big government movement growing in the United States. Obviously that argument make no logical sense. Such pathetic attempts to ignore the valid concerns citizens have about these “reforms” have failed in the past and will fail again but it gets very annoying when such outlandish statements are tossed around in an attempt to quash dissent by attempting to embarrass the opposition into silence.

I submit that those who claim such notions are in fact themselves race baiters and instigators of class warfare unable or unwilling to defend their plans on their own merits. Why else play upon something that has little to nothing to do with the health care debate in this nation? So go ahead and insult the citizenry, further alienating them and goading them into an even stronger anti-big government sentiment. Such harmful antics on the part of the DNC and their ilk will do nothing but further harm their cause.

So let’s ignore the race baiters and their obvious attempts at diverting attention away from the real issues and have an honest, genuine discussion on the merits. If a plan has no merit, then kill it. Period.

So on that note:

1. Obama needs to stop wasting time campaigning and start governing, like a President is supposed to do. It’s his hands off approach that largely helped cripple his health care plans, second only to the insanely large government expansion and intrusion into people’s lives. So quit screwing around and ignoring his work and get back to dealing with the country’s problems. If he can’t multitask as President then everything he does will end in failure. The Presidency is all about multitasking.


2. Sen Baucus had a rather strange presser about he and the so called Gang of Six’s compromise health care plan. Problem is, Mr. Baucus was throwing around numbers from the ether given that the plan actually hasn’t even been written or evaluated by the CBO. The so called Baucus Plan is claimed to include the following:

  • $856 Billion over 10 years price tag. A number that is meaningless given the plan has not been written so cannot be evaluated. Suspicous point #1.
  • No “public” option, but call for co-ops. No clarification on these alleged co-ops would be founded or operated nor if it would backdoor the “public” option into existence. Suspicious point #2.
  • State based exchanges but then later provides from national plans with uniform benefits. Why not have this from the start? Suspicious point #3. Add to this four minimum benefit plans through the exchanges. Who would create these plans, the government? If so, that’s still imposing a government run health care systems that would drive up costs as insurance companies raise rates to deal with government imposed plans.
  • Insurance companies no longer allowed to deny based on pre-existing conditions starting 2013. Why not immediately? Suspicious point #4.
  • Require all U.S. citizens to obtain health care coverage. Suspicious on several points: government intrusion into citizens lives and corporate welfare in the form of coerced participation. What happens when states like Arizona pass laws and State constitutional amendments (as is likely to happen) guaranteeing the citizens their right not to choose to have health care coverage or be forced to do so by the government?
  • Imposing a punishment of a fine, ranging from $750-$950 for individuals, on those unable or unwilling to obtain health care coverage. A de facto tax on the middle class and poor. Opposed on two points: taxing the poor and middle class and corporate welfare are ensured by this provision.
  • A tax of 35% on insurance plans above $8,000 for singles for self-insured and group-market plans. So in otherwords, if you can afford better coerage your health insurance company gets punished for it. This again will also raise insurance rates on all Americans as the companies pass on the taxes to the consumer.
  • Health insurance companies would be forced to pay an annual fee of $6 billion starting in 2010. Another increase in rates for consumers.
  • Pharma would only have to pay $2.3 billion. Sounds okay until you remember the Obama administration cut a deal allowing Big Pharma to basically charge what they want and get government protection in keeping out cheaper competitors and generics from the market.
  • Medical device makers charged a fee of $4 billion. Again raises medical costs for everyone across the board from consumers to hospitals to insurance companies. Will likely stifle or even cripple new medical technology like improved artificial limbs. How does this help the public or keep medical costs down?
  • Clinical laboratories pay a fee of $750 million. Again, how does this keep costs down? Making laboratories more expensive to run will not improve them.

If these points are truly in the Baucus plan then it too needs to be killed instantly in the Senate. It’s clearly another massive tax and spend program with the added goal of crippling health care in this country and imposing government into citizens lives. Why else go after medical device manufacturer and laboratories? Why the egregious taxing of the poor and working class simply because they don’t feel the need for coverage? Why tax insurance companies for providing so called “cadillac” plans for those who can afford it and want it? Why have a federal requirement for insurance? Is a Federally imposed mandate for insurance even Consitutional? Why a delay in ending insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions? There are simply too many questions and bad ideas in this proposal.

This is obviously just another statist, big government bill that accomplishes nothing more than expanding government tax revenues at the expense of the citizens while crippling the medical industry in this nation. I see nothing that would address the real problems of increasing costs. Instead I see only a plan that will balloon costs while allowing a small percentage of companies and government bcked groups to reap huge profits of the backs of the American people while further diluting the medical care in this country.

Is it really too difficult for our so called leaders in Washington to simply do it by the numbers? Take one small problem, fix it, move on. Rinse. Repeat. You don’t tear a house down when all you need to do is paint a room. So why destroy the health care system in America when a little tweaking will do? If these Senators and Congressmen don’t get that, they really need to be voted out and replaced with people who do get, like people who live in the real world.


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