America’s Shameful Immigration Policy: The Ferschke Case

Marine’s Widow Denied Residency

Has our nation really become so low and our laws, regulations, and government workers so out of date and out of touch with reality that the wives and children of our military personnel are being denied their rightful place as members and citizens of this nation simply because the military spouse died? I simply have to wonder why they are so concerned with denying a legitimate wife and child of a deceased American Marine residency yet these same bureaucrats think nothing of allowing illegal aliens to cross the border and are automatically allowed to stay after having their “anchor baby”.

It’s another disgusting, shameful day for America’s bloated bureaucracy and anachronistic laws. I hope the private bill being introduced by U.S. Rep. John Duncan will be dealt with quickly and not sidelined by ignorant and uncaring Congressmen and Senators so that Mrs Ferschke and her son will be allowed their rightful place here in the United States instead of being forced to leave in January. Doing otherwise is a slap in the face of all Americans and dishonors those military personnel serving our nation who may have a foreign born spouse and/or children.

It’s just more evidence on another issue being ignored by our so called leaders: immigration reform.


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