A passing thought

Now you see I become extremely cynical when groups like Democracy for America are pushing the so called “nuclear option” (as they did in a recent email) to force passage of ObamaCare in the Senate. Why be afraid of the process instead invoking what many legal experts are saying may well be an illegal process in this instance in order to push through so called reform? If it’s truly reformative then there is no need to force it through. Sounds more like trying to silence open debate and smacks of dictatorship to me.

They might get Obamacare through by such means, but the government would come to a screeching halt for the next three years as all attempts at cooperation would be off the table at that point and would likely spell the demise of a number of political careers, particularly those who go along with the nuclear option. It would also likely lead to ObamaCare being repealed the next time the Republicans or similarly anti-ObamaCare Democrats controlled the House and Senate (likely by 2012 should the nuke option be used) thereby repeating a never ending cycle of grid-locked government and creating a citizenry likely to eliminate both Parties as a result.


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