AZ 2010 Governor’s Race

Well it seems the number of contenders for Governor are ever increasing, though I doubt may of them are actually electable. There may be more candidates in addition to the ones I’ve listed below that I am currently unaware of or have not officially declared their intent to run as far as I can tell.

Republicans: Jan Brewer (Incumbent), Karen Johnson, Hugh Kealer, Roy Miller, Tim Willis

Democrats: Terry Goddard

Independents: John Paul Mitchell, Mike Ross

I’m currently looking primarily at John Paul Mitchell, Terry Goddard, Roy Miller, and Hugh Kealer but I’m still checking out the other candidates to get feel for their poisition on a host of issues. I’ve already eliminated the following from my personal choices for various reasons primarily contradictory to one of my personal political beliefs: Jan Brewer (obstructionism, taxes, non-cooperation), Mike Ross (uncontrolled immigration), Tim Willis (too conservative), Karen Johnson (too conservative).

Basically as long as they support small government, equal rights, protections, and opportunities for all Americans, State’s Rights, free enterprise, cutting taxes, making services cost effective and efficient, keeping a balanced budget, enforcing immigration laws, eliminating the budget deficit, eliminating waste of taxpayer monies, placing the well being of the people over partisan politics, and developing Arizona’s non-tourism industries (i.e. manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, et al) I’ll back them. Just be a fiscally conservative, socially moderate Constitutionalist and I’ll typically be satisfied with a candidacy.


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