News Round Up

Iran has expertise to build nuclear bomb, says UN report – Telegraph

Well I imagine this is something for an embarrassment for President Obama after yesterdays announcement about killing the Eastern European Missile Shield and subsequent fallout and damaging of ties to those nations. The IAEA is denying the leaked report, of course, but France is also claiming their information contradicts the IAEA’s denials. So at this point who knows. I haven’t trusted the IAEA for years over the incompetence and don’t see much reason to believe them now.

Iran’s protest plans backfire – Channel 4 News

Seems the pro-democracy and pro-reform groups are still alive in Iran despite governments to the contrary.

Pelosi chokes up on demand; cries victim status |

Equating opposition to violence is asinine even by Pelosi’s questionable standards, which those familiar with that time period will know she is referring too. The public and opposition will not be silenced by such moronic statements. Funny how’s she’s changed her tune from opposition is a sign of patriotism to it now meaning your un-American. But not surprising, really. Politicians pull this patriotic-unpatriotic stunt all the time. I don’t buy her choking up, teary eyed act. Sorry, just don’t buy it given her own statements and actions.

Sibelius and Chuck Todd

Seriously, get over yourself Sibelius. As long as he covered his mouth and nose who the hell cares if he sneezed since he obviously doesn’t have any disease. Moron. The friggin’ universe doesn’t revolve around the flu, Sibelius, or her holier than thou nanny-state attitude. Being informed and prepared is one thing, but this fear mongering over the flu is getting downright stupid. Is she going to start wiping everyone’s ass now to make sure they’re cleaning themselves properly?

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