News Round Up

Netanyahu attacks Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial | Reuters

I heard part of Netanyahu’s speech. While I have problems with some of Israel’s activities, Netanyahu certainly made a much better speech than Obama did.

Senate panel renews healthcare fight on seniors | Politics | Reuters

On the third day of deliberations on Chairman Max Baucus’s proposal, the Democratic-controlled panel defeated two Republican amendments to block cuts in Medicare Advantage, which augments the government’s Medicare insurance program for the elderly with private insurance.

And that alone proves to me that the Democrats have no interested in assisting the average retiree, let alone the average American. Instead all they want to do is hurt the poor, retired, and middle class.

Home sales, jobless claims drop unexpectedly | U.S. | Reuters

Yeah it’s called people falling off the rolls. Sad that these dolts think that losing less jobs means that everything is now fine. They just don’t get that it’s less jobs, which still means more unemployment. Obviously, despite the fools in our government’s claims, the economy is not recovering. They just want people to ignore the problem so they can continue with their corrupt business as usual while imposing new invasive and repressive laws and taxes on an already unemployed, under-employed and overtaxed public while they continue to dismantle United States industries.


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