Health Care Debate continues

I’ve been quiet on the health care debate mainly because I’ve been watching to see what the Legislative branch comes up with. For the most part I’m not pleased and as yet oppose both House and Senate proposals across the board.

I’m particularly annoyed at the nitwits supporting coverage to illegals. I would not be surprised if they were the same misguided folks who support sanctuary cities and others who intentionally violate U.S. immigration laws to protect illegal aliens in this country. I say they truly want that then they add in a requirement that said illegals after getting their insurance or being treated are arrested on the spot and deported without delay.

I’m glad to see the Senate Panel vote down attempts to place “public option” into Baucus’ already questionable “health care” bill. Now if only they’d drop what for me are absolutely killers of the bill: requiring citizens to obtain health care coverage or be fined (sorry I’m not government property and refuse to be treated as such), taxing those who can afford so called “Cadillac” programs (punishing those who work hard to have a better quality of life), and the annual outrageous government fees on insurance companies, medical device makers, and labs but not on Big Pharma (convenient that Big Pharma will also get government protection from foreign, cheaper competition while crippling development of medical devices and assorted preventative medical tests).

An interesting view: Some Thoughts on Health Care “Reform”


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