Immigration News

As if there isn’t enough evidence of idiocy (if not complicity) in the Fed over their incompetent handling of illegal immigration, we get this: U.S. Considers Shift in Housing of Detained Illegal Immigrants – Instead of housing the illegals, why don’t they just kick them out like they are suppose to do in the first place. I’m fed up with these scumbags living off the American people’s dime.

And an interesting bit of information: In Arizona desert, illegal immigration’s mysterious spike — And no it’s not a spike in Hispanics and Latinos, but Chinese illegal aliens trying to sneak in.

But then I can’t say I’m surprised at what I see as the deliberate attempt by the U.S. government to undermine any and all who enforce immigration law rather than uphold it, as evidenced by Sheriff Arpaio’s Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office being stripped of their 287(g) agreement by the Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security. Fortunately, Arpaio plans to ‘combat’ ICE agreement, so the sell outs, appeasers, and capitulators in Washington, DC (and elsewhere) haven’t won entirely.

If Arpaio truly is under investigation, as some claim is the reason for DHS’s decision, you don’t cut off the entire police force from enforcing the law. By that logic, every time a police brutality case comes to light all police across the nation should not be allowed to enforce any law. See the stupidity in this sort of logic now?

It’s time to get illegal immigration under control in this nation. Too bad our corrupt government is more concerned with figuring out how to let the illegals in so they can exploit them, both politically and economically, to undermine American citizens and local governments.

FTC To Regulate Bloggers

FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials

Overall, I’m not surprised that the FTC imposed these new rules on the internet given the ever increasing number of dishonest bloggers and companies exploiting blogging and bloggers to hype their shoddy products. So in many ways these new rules were inevitable, especially with the Federal Government’s current dictatorial nanny-state mentality.

I have no problems with the parts requiring full disclosure if a blogger receives some sort of gain from a review or recommendation. I also like that they got rid of the “results not typical” garbage that’s been used in advertising for so long. Unfortunately our government has a history of trying to insert bureaucracy into the internet and suppress individuals in the name of protecting the public which is what I fear is the real intent of the change.

I suspect it will now also hurt professional post-for-pay bloggers, legitimate or otherwise, assuming the FTC can somehow manage to read each and every single blogpost on the web every single day. Yeah, didn’t think so. Which is where my concern comes in that it will be used as a tool by the government to silence the opposition who writes something the FTC or Federal Government (or elements thereof) doesn’t like.

My other concern is the hypocrisy behind the new rule which doesn’t apply to corporations so that consumers learn the truth of which company owns which other companies or have exclusive deals with them. After all, if the FTC (and by extension the entire Federal Government) consumer protection is what they’re after then full disclosure should be disclosed by all from the smallest blooger to political campaigns to multinational corprorations. Ghost bloggers are bad enough, but federal chicanery disguised as protecting the public good is worse.