Senators McCain and Kyl on Wrong Side

I’m disgusted that Arizona Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl voted against the Franken Amendment. The Franken amendment was very simple, clear, and quite fair: Haliburton, or subsidiaries, (and any other similar contractors) would receive no federal funds if they require employees or subcontractors to sign mandatory arbitration clauses (e.g. sign away their right to bring their case before a court). This is quite reasonable given Haliburton and its subsidiaries problems with employees being raped, assaulted, discrimination, and otherwise harassed by their co-workers and employers and then being denied justice or evn a hint of impartial review.

I want to know why the Senators from Arizona seem to condone these illegal activities? Why are they trying to protect such abusive companies? If they voted against it simply because a Democrat made the amendment then I am disgusted with their partisanship. If they voted against it because they are protecting Haliburton and others, then they are complete idiots. Such actions as these make me wonder if both are simply “good ol’ boy” misogynists.

Fortunately the Franken amendment passed anyway.


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